Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Nights 1

A young man walks the dead streets. Not a soul in sight, yet there is a presence. It is visibly hidden, yet still seen. The young man does not stop. He continues his course. As he walks he is certain that he hears footsteps. The young man smiles. Lately there have been reports of people being mugged at night. It had been a long time since he has had any fun. The young man walks into an ally way. He stops. Then a hand taps his shoulder. The young man turns around to find a older man with a knife in his other hand. The old man demands for the young man's wallet and phone. He gives them up without a second thought. The old man looked through his wallet right there and then rather than wait till he got away. In that moment the young man took out a syringe and quickly stabbed the old man in the neck. Within seconds the old man went down. The young man grabbed his wallet and his phone. He dialed a number and asked for a pickup. It wasn't long until a van appeared. A woman steps out of the van. She smiles at the young man and thanks him before dragging the unconscious old man into the van. She waved the young man goodbye one last time and then drove off. The night was quiet again and the young man was alone. He stood there in the ally way for a few minutes. Then he went on with his night.

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